Enrollment conditions at CLE

Registration and deposit

First of all, send us your registration form: fiche inscription-gb

As soon as we receive it, we will inform you if we can accept you.

In order to validate your registration, you will have to pay a deposit of 300 € by credit card or bank transfer. To pay by credit card, we will send you a link or you can use our website. The balance (what remains to be paid) is due at the latest on the first day of the course.

Methods of payment

  • By Visa or Mastercard
  • By bank transfer : in that case, please contact us.

Bank charges are to be paid by the student.

Cancellation and refunds

If you have to cancel your stay, please send us an email.

If you have to cancel a private lesson (face-to-face at the school or online), you must inform us at least 24h in advance, otherwise the lesson will not be replaced or refunded.

Cancellation fees vary according to the items below:

  • Cancellation received more than six weeks before the start of the course: we will refund €150 (bank charges included).
  • Cancellation less than six weeks before the start of the course: no deposit is refunded.

Any course (group class, face-to-face at the school or online lesson) started is entirely due and cannot be reduced or refunded due to late arrival, early departure or any other reason. In the event that you cannot attend a group course, you will not be refunded and the course will not be replaced.

Public holidays are officially non-working days and do not give rise to a make-up or refund. The school will be closed and the courses scheduled for that days will not be replaced.

We advise you to take out cancellation insurance if you think you might have to cancel.

Anyone whose current attitude would be incompatible with the school’s ethics may be dismissed without any refund.

Covid Cancellation

COVID cancellation rules apply when:

  • you are not authorized to travel due to official restrictions in your home country,
  • you are not authorized to travel due to entry restrictions in France,
  • a new lock-down is ordered by the French government and affects students on site.

Prior to arrival, in the event of cancellation for COVID-related reasons, you may:

  • postpone your stay for one year (or more if your country does not allow you to travel).
  • use your deposit for private online classes.

Once at CLE: the French rules apply. COVID is now a standard decease and treated as any other illnesses. Please refer to the previous paragraph.

Cancellation for any other reason: as described in the previous paragraph.

Change of program

If you have to make changes to your stay after having sent your registration, this involves additional work, both for administrative staff and for host families. A flat rate of €50 will be requested for any changes. For example, you want to change your start date or end date of your stay; you no longer want a host family or on the contrary you want a host family, you want to change the host family because finally you think that having your room on the first floor won’t be compatible with your desires… Each of these situations will result in additional billing.

If the school has to change your program (due the absence of a teacher for example), the lessons will be replaced. Courses to be replaced will be scheduled by the school and can be scheduled in the afternoon or in the morning. They cannot be replaced during non-working days (weekends or bank holidays).

Your first day of school : test and late arrival

On the first Monday morning, new students must take a test to allow us to evaluate their level, they also receive information. An online test will be proposed (prior to your arrival), it is a free opportunity offered to our students. This test allows students to be placed in a class from their first hour of class. However, be aware that not being an IT, we may not be able to help you if you have technical problems. If you cannot do the test (whatever the reason is), the test will be taken on your first day of school without refund.

If you arrive late, it complicates our organization and we are obliged to free a teacher to take care of you separately. Any late arrival is therefore charged 100 €.

Teaching materials

The teaching materials will consist of either paper resources (books or photocopies) or digital resources designed by our teaching team. In the latter case, the student cannot claim a free book.

In the event that students make several stays at Clé and that they are in the same level, we will kindly request them to reuse the book already given.

Number of students

If there is only one student at one level (generally at a very low or very advanced level), he or she is welcomed under the same financial conditions but for half of the 20 hours of group classes, he or she then benefits from 10 hours of classes per week, distributed as follows: 8 hours of private lessons and 2 hours of cultural workshop on Thursday afternoon. If there are only two students in a level, the 20 hours of group lessons per week are reduced to 15 hours, distributed as follows: 13 hours of group lessons and 2 hours of cultural workshop on Thursday afternoon.


Participants are not insured by CLE in case of accident, illness, theft, etc. It is therefore strongly recommended to take out personal insurance.