CLE integrates into the organisation of its courses the framework put together by the Council of Europe known as the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” (CEFRL). This framework provides a uniform evaluation method for the learning of languages across Europe.   It provides for the following six levels of language-learning proficiency:
A1 and A2 relate to the elementary user;
B1 and B2 relate to the independent user; and
C1 and C2 relate to the proficient user.

This framework guides our teachers in setting their teaching objectives.

Whilst we work on all four competencies (namely understanding written French, understanding spoken French, writing French and speaking French), we prioritise the speaking of French. At all levels, you will develop your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and you will study the sound and written form of words. Using a range of original materials, you will become familiar with the language used in various different situations and discover more about French culture.

The objective is to develop what we call «savoir-faire» (or expertise) in communication, language and French culture which will enable you to handle situations independently after your time at CLE.
CLE offers courses for complete beginners through to advanced learners. We outline below the skills and competencies associated with each CEFRL level.