The course far exceeded my expectations!
I recently attended a two-week course at the CLE in Tours and just loved my time there. There was a test on the first morning that ensured that I was placed with other students who were of a similar level. All the teachers were full of vitality and had obviously done a lot of preparation for each class. There was a mixture of written and oral work and we covered lots of different topics during the week. Although the students were all motivated to learn, you could choose whether to do the homework or not. Most importantly, the lessons were fun and we had lots of laughs in all of our lessons. Morning coffee was taken as a group which helped people to get to know each other and many of the students met up and had lunch together. In addition to the afternoon lessons and visits, there were groups that met for dinner and other social or sightseeing activities. The school had a wonderful atmosphere. Almost everyone was really enthusiastic to improve their skills and even on these social gatherings, they continued to speak in French. Being 67, I assumed that I would be the oldest person on the course, but to my surprise, there were people of all ages – all enjoying their time at the CLE. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their written or spoken French. I can understand why people return year after year!

Zoe 2019, Australia,