5 stars

If as an adult, you have wanted to learn or improve your French, and have never heard of CLE, now you have, and you are in for a real treat! One of the very best experiences of my life (and this is not hyperbole!) is the time I spent taking French lessons at this wonderful school in Tours, France. This is an accredited, high quality institution with excellent teachers, where students learn French in an effective and fun environment. Also, it is a small institution, which creates a real feeling of community. CLE first evaluated my level of French knowledge, and then offered me some course options at my level. The warm and friendly staff always made me feel welcome, and CLE came to feel like a kind of “second home” to me. In addition, the school, in this beautiful area of France, offers excursions that students can sign up for if they wish, and during which they can get to know each other and the staff socially. I cannot recommend this school highly enough!

Donna, USA, 2020