CLE 2018
As an American student learning French in a university setting, I knew that the opportunity to travel and study in an immersion srtting would be indispensable. I decided to enroll for 2 weeks at the CLE in Tours, France— and it was the best choice I could have made! From the moment I arrived, the staff was welcoming and encouraging. In and out of class, the professors were dynamic, kind, and always willing to answer questions related to schoolwork or simply about fun things to do in and around Tours. In my case, it took the first week to find the appropriate level, so I would recommend to prospective students to consider a minimum of 3 weeks—though I think one month would be ideal. In class, we worked on a variety of grammar points and discussed a wide variety of usedul themes, which boosted my conversational ability in French. The emphasis on listening comprehension was greatly appreciated, and I recommend signing up for private lessons. In my provate lesson, I got a personalized plan of study, and felt that this was where I made the greatest progress. My time passed so quickly, and at the end of my 2 week stay, I wished so badly that I could have stayed another week or two! I’m looking forward to returning next summer, and this time for a bit longer.

Andrew, USA, 2018