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Darlene, Canada, 2024

Thank you for a very, very good week. The team and the school are fantastic and I hope that next time I can stay here for a few weeks. Thank you Ludivine for the coffee workshop! Thank you Céline for an excellent course. I learned a lot. Darlene, Canada, 2024

Mike, USA, 2024

Dear Céline, thank you for everything you did during my stay at Clé. You have a great school and you are a wonderful hostess. It’s so nice to see someone so dedicated. It was fun and I think I learned a lot. Thank you also for recommending the guesthouse. It was the perfect solution for […]

Sarah Nash, USA, 2024

I highly recommend my school in Tours that is now doing online classes. The price is great and the teachers are fabulous. So much fun. Just finished an oral comprehension on champagne! I am doing this three days a week. One hour of video chatting and a couple of hours of homework each day. I […]

Fiona, Singapur, 2023

Thanks a lot for hosting me at Clé during my stay! and for all your hard word and care organising the activities and classes for everyone. I have learnt so much during these past few weeks. I’ll keep you up to date on my progress when I pass the test. My success will be thanks […]

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Donna, USA, 2020

5 stars If as an adult, you have wanted to learn or improve your French, and have never heard of CLE, now you have, and you are in for a real treat! One of the very best experiences of my life (and this is not hyperbole!) is the time I spent taking French lessons at […]

Bronwen, USA, 2020

Immersive French Language Experience A lovely school! If you’re looking for an immersive French experience to improve your French language skills, look no further! I was only able to spend a week (and wish I had the time to stay longer), but I had a fantastic experience. Even after such a short period of time, […]

Hannah, England, 2020

Online learning Fantastic way to brush up my French over the summer break. Having previously been fortunate enough to experience CLE first hand in Tours as a student (which I would also thoroughly recommend), I was paired back up with my previous tutor who could target my numerous grammar weaknesses. Interesting homework activities and great […]

Andrey, USA, 2020

I highly recommend CLE in Tours and its online classes. Homework and individual lessons are tailored to my needs, making learning fun, trustworthy and effective. All CLE instructors are amazing and extremely competent. The price is the best value for money. I really like the online format. Andrey, USA, 2020

Liz, Australia, 2020

The best of the best! I have just returned from a fantastic week of private lessons at CLE. This was my third visit to CLE and I have loved it every time. Isabelle and her team of talented teachers offer an experience which combines exceptional teaching with cultural and other activities which enable students to […]