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Do you need a visa? It depends on your nationality and whether you will stay for more than 90 days. If you are not a citizen of the European Union or Switzerland, check with a French embassy or consulate for visa requirements. Allow adequate time to obtain any necessary documents. Check this website for more information.

Health insurance

We strongly advise individuals to take out medical insurance. A health insurance policy is required by the French administration for students staying more than three months. Do not forget to bring a copy of your insurance policy. If you are a citizen of the European Union, do not forget to bring your European health insurance card.


You can change your money at the airport or train station in Paris or Tours, respectively. Most ATM machines accept debit cards from all major international banks (including non-European companies), making withdrawals of cash is very simple. Visa and Mastercard cards are accepted nearly everywhere. Keep in mind: banks in Tours are closed on Mondays.


Tours has a mild climate, it is partly for this reason Touraine has been dubbed the “Garden of France.”

Month High/ Low (°C) Rain Month High/ Low (°C) Rain
July 26° / 14° 6 days January 7° / 2° 10 days
August 26° / 13° 5 days February 9° / 2° 9 days
September 22° / 11° 6 days March 13° / 4° 9 days
October 17° / 8° 8 days April 16° / 5° 8 days
November 11° / 4° 9 days May 19° / 9° 9 days
December 8° / 2° 10 days June 23°/ 12° 6 days


These are average temperatures, so before you pack your luggage, you may also find it useful to check the weather forecast for Tours.

In your bag

Bring some paper, pens and pencils. If you do not have a bilingual dictionary on your smartphone, bring a paper version. A French Grammar book explained in your own language will be helpful as well. You can request a student identification card which will entitle you some price reductions in Tours (if you are under 26 years old). A passport sized photo is required for this request


For lunch you can choose from numerous restaurants and cafés in medieval Tours, very close to school. Most of these are in pedestrian zones and during summer you’ll be able to eat outside on the terraces.
Prices: €4 or more for a sandwich, around €8,50 for a main dish, and €15 and higher for a full meal. You may buy food at a boulangerie-pâtisserie or sandwicherie, at the local covered market les Halles or a grocery store and have lunch by the river side, on the school terrace if the weather permits it or in the school entrance hall.

A few prices

Food and drinks

  • Sandwich: €4
  • Croissant: €1
  • Coffee at Bar: €1.5
  • Soft drink at Bar: €3
  • Beer at Bar: €3

Visits and outings

  • Cinema: €5.30 – €9.90
  • Museums: €4 – €6
  • Chateaus: €10 – €15
  • Half-day Excursions: €50 (transport and entrance fees)
  • Opera: €7 – €72
  • Theater: €10 – €25


  • Gym Subscription: €30 for 2 weeks
  • Public Pool: €5.40
  • Tennis: €25 by hour
  • Horseback Riding: €206 for 12 lessons


  • 1 bus/tram ticket (local): €1.60
  • Bicycle rental: €15 per day
  • Bicycle rental (“velocity”): €5 per month (3-month minimum)
  • Round-trip ticket to Chateaus: around €23
  • Car Rental: starting at €60 per weekend
  • Round-trip TGV to Paris (weekend): from €120

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