1 hour from Paris by TGV
CLE: a commitment to quality since 1985!
In Focus
Why learn French at CLE?
  • The classes
    - Maximum of 7 students per class, average number 5
    - Intensive, professionally run courses
    - Qualified, competent and enthusiastic teachers

  • The atmosphere
    - Students made to feel welcome
    - Personalised attention
    - Other motivated and mature students, average age is around 36
    - Well-organised French language school

  • The location
    - Centrally located in France, 1 hour away from Paris
    - Centrally located in Tours, in the historic part of town
    - In the region where the “best” French is spoken
    - In the part of the Loire Valley classified by UNESCO as a
    World Heritage Site

  • The activities
    - Visits and excursions to discover the famous Renaissance
    chateaux of the Loire Valley
    - Wine and food courses

  • The accommodation
    - Welcoming host families
    - Fully-equipped apartments at a walking distance
    - Bed and breakfast in a private chateau

  • The price
    Students think that CLE is a good value considering the number
    of students per class and the quality of the teaching.