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  • A cultural city
  • A lively town where you will rapidly feel at ease
  • In the heart of Loire Valley
  • 1 hour and fifteen minutes from Paris by fast train

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Tours boasts a friendly environment with a dynamism which attracts a university population of about 30,000 students out of a population of around 136,000, around 300,000 with its suburbs.

Rich in history and art, Tours is proud of its varied cultural life which satisfies enthusiasts of music, art, cinema, theatre and dance. The numerous festivals attract people of all ages.

The most practical way to discover the charm of the old quarters of Tours is on foot, taking in along the way the numerous museums, boutiques and markets, cafés and restaurants.

It is finally a safe city on a human scale where you quickly feel comfortable


Locate CLE in the heart of the city of Tours


Touraine, where the “purest” French is spoken

You will benefit in a big way from studying in this region where the ‘best French’ is spoken (without a regional accent). It is here where the writers Rabelais, Ronsard, Balzac and Bergson lived.