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Live and study French in Tours

  • A city with deep regional cultural roots
  • A lively city in which you’ll quickly become acquainted
  • In the heart of Loire Valley
  • About one hour to Paris by train

Tours boasts a friendly and dynamic environment with a youthful university population of about 30,000 students. The city limits of Tours hosts a population of around 136,000, and 300,000 when you include the entire metropolitan area.

Rich in history and art; Tours is proud of its varied cultural life satisfying enthusiasts of music, art, cinema, theatre and dance. The numerous festivals attract people of all ages from all over the world.

The most practical way to discover the charm of “Old Tours” is on foot. You’ll discover numerous museums, boutiques, markets, cafes bars and restaurants along the way.

Lastly, Tours is a very safe city in which you’ll quickly feel comfortable and secure in your exploration.

Locate CLE in the heart of the city of Tours


Touraine, where the “purest” French is spoken

You’ll significantly benefit from studying in Touraine, the region in which Tours is located. This region is known for its accent-less French and clear pronunciation. It is often considered the “Best French” in the country. Over the centuries writers like Rabelais, Ronsard, Balzac and Bergson had lived in Tours.