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    Title (necessary for your certificate in French): MrsMissMr


    Date of birth: (MM/DD/YYYY)

    Your profession:



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    Your Level In French

    We would like to know roughly what level you are before you arrive, in order to place you in a small group of your level, on the first day, when you receive information and take a test.

    Level of spoken French:

    Level of written French:

    When did you study French for the last time? ( When? For how long ? Using which text/workbooks?)

    Do you have a degree in French? YesNo

    Your mother tongue?

    Other languages spoken?

    Your choice of course and your objectives

    What type of course do you want?

    Number of weeks

    From... (DD/MM/YYYY) :

    For what reason do you wish to learn or perfect your French:
    For your workFor pleasureFor your studiesTo prepare yourself for an exam and if so which exam?For another reason

    In case of emergency

    Whom do you want us to contact?

    Telephone No:

    How did you find out about CLE?

    Your accommodation

    Do you want CLE to find you some accommodation? YesNo

    If ‘Yes’, what type of accommodation do you want?

    To live with a French family (shared bathroom)To live with a French family (private bathroom)

    If you want a host family , thank you to answer the following questions

    We will forward your responses to your host family who will contact you .

    Do you have any allergies? NoYes

    Do you smoke? YesNo

    Do you follow a special diet? NoYes

    What are your hobbies , interests?
    If so which:

    Will you smoke outside the house? YesNo

    If so, please:

    How do you describe yourself? ShyreservedOpentalkativerather intellectualrather sportsboth

    What kind of family do you prefer? Specify the order of your choice : from 1 to 6, with 1 being your first choice

    Choice 1:

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    Choice 4:

    Choice 6:

    Confirm Your Registration

    Payment of a deposit of € 300

    By online paymentBy Travellers cheques, eurocheque or a cheque made out in Euros to the order of CLÉ and to be sent to CLE, 7-9 place de Châteauneuf, 37000 Tours, France.By bank transfer to our account:
    001 21 909550 50
    Bank code: 18707 - Branch code: 00620
    Address: Banque populaire Val de France 23, rue Nationale - 37000 TOURS - FRANCE
    SWIFT: CCBP FR PP VER, account number: 001 21 909550 50
    IBAN: FR76 1870 7006 2000 1219 0955 050

    See Enrollments conditions at CLEI certify that I have taken note of the general conditions of registration.