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Average age: 39 years old
Source: 26 countries in 2019
Motivation: pleasure, work, studies, settlement in a French-speaking country
Length of stay: from one week to several months.
Levels: from beginner to French teacher

Compared to many other schools in France, CLE’s particularity is to receive trainees of all ages: students but also many adults who learn French for pleasure or for their work. Participants appreciate the wide variety of profiles, ages and motivation of all. This diversity is a richness that contributes to CLE’s stimulating atmosphere.

Satisfied with their education and the welcome they receive; many students come back over several years. We are even beginning to teach the children of our first students ! In 2019, it was with great pleasure that we discovered that your school has been voted by students “Best Language School in France 2019“, by based on on-line reviews.

CLE was in the New York Times already 30 years ago!

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