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Brushing up your French

Selection of websites for beginners or an elementary level (A1 ). For higher levels, check our selection in the French pages of our website.


French courses on line


Vocabulary  for nurses or doctors

  • To review (or learn) the vocabulary on the human body, read and listen to the names.
  • Check this site for some basic vocabulary on the human body: associate the picture and the name, write the word, read a little text… Some simple exercices, but a good start.
  • To review some vocabulary on the hospital, associate the picture and the name. Once you think you have the correct association, click on “eureka” to validate. You can also play “against the clock” (contre la montre).

Listening exercises

  • Practice your listening comprehension on various subjects you will need as soon as you arrive in France. Watch the video, listen, and complete the text with what you hear. Simple and efficient.
  • Numbers: 3, 13, or 30? Listen and make the difference between many numbers.
  • Review numbers, associate the number that you hear and the written number.


  • Pronunciation: listen to French sounds. English explanations.
  • Practice your discrimination of French sounds: listen to the difference between “tu” and “tout”, between “un” and “an”, etc. It will help you improve your listening comprehension, and your own pronunciation as well.


  • If you want more explanations on French grammar in English, Tex’s French grammar (from the University of Texas) is for you: simple explanations, followed by some exercises. They also have MP3 files, and podcasts, which you can download.
  • A comprehensive guide to the French language.